Girls in Tech

Celebrating women’s innovative and entrepreneurial achievements in technology. Since its inception in February 2007, Girls in Tech’s main focus is empowering, educating and elevating the status of women in the technology field. Local Girls in Tech chapters engage the local community of women in the technology industry, as well as highlight the specific industry concerns in each geographic region.

Adriana F. Gascoigne
Founder, Girls in Tech.

Adriana F. GascoigneAdriana is the Director of Global Communications for SGN. Most recently, Adriana was the Director of Global Communications for hi5. Previously, Adriana was the Vice President of the 360 Digital Influence Group at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide where she spearheaded operations for social media, word-of-mouth marketing and digital campaigns. In March 2007, Adriana launched Girls in Tech. Adriana holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Economics from the University of California at Davis, and has received a certification from El Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. Adriana is fluent in Spanish and speaks some Japanese and French. More…

Advisory Girls in Tech NYC

The NYC chapter of Girls in Tech (GITnyc) seeks to enrich the experience of women in technology in the New York metro area, helping them to make connections, learn valuable career and life skills, share their talents with others and, above all, have FUN with other like-minded women in the thriving New York tech community. Please stay tuned as this list is updated with our thought and event leads.

GITnyc Board and Contributors (2010)

  • Tommy Michelle Jenkins
    COO, GIT, Executive Advisor, GIT NYC

    Tommy Michelle Jenkins Tommy, is focused on enabling each person to be free to pursue her dreams and in turn to have the opportunity to inspire others. To help realize this universal need, she is thrilled to be working with the intelligent leadership and cutting-edge ideas within the Girls in Tech network. Tommy works with the GIT founder and its leaders to communicate and to realize all our strengths through enabling, empowering and engaging in innovative programs, communities and networks. A New York City native, Tommy is inspired by the strength and passion of GIT leaders all over the world.

  • Felicia Moeis
    Managing Director (Former)

    Felicia is a marketing-savvy professional immersed in the cultural trends and developments of all things digital, media-related, and lifestyle oriented. Her experience has been as diverse as managing an internationally-recognized nightclub, to project managing focus groups and coordinating video licensing contracts. More…

  • Dinoska Linares

    Dinoska LinaresDinoska is Executive Assistant at Chartis US. More…

  • Theresa Lee
    Marketing (former)

    Theresa LeeTheresa is Marketing/Design Consultant at ZepFrog via Levin Institute’s JumpStart New Media program. More…

  • Sara Chipps
    Tech To Educate

    Sara ChippsSara is a web applications developer.

  • Carolina Bonaparte
    Web, Happy Hour Director

    Carolina is Director of Client Services at KobeMail.

  • Shara Shetrit
    Logistics and Venue Coordinator

    Shara ShetritShara is Client Services Manager at Das Consulting. Shara held positions as Marketing Communications Manager at vTrailsm Senior Account & Sales Executive at Webstyle Internet Solutions , and Marcom & Content Manager at VCI. She is also a Web Designer and HTML Content Developer. Shara founded “Digital Eve” in Israel.

  • Janine Just
    Co-Managing Director, GITnyc

    Janine Just Janine is Co-Founder and CEO of the Avid Group. Ms. Just holds a Bachelor of Science in fashion merchandising from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).Concurrent to her enrollment at FIT, Ms. Just got her start in the nightlife and hospitality industry by joining the renowned Gabrielle Bernstein as a spokeswoman in her Public Relations Department. Along with working in the PR Dept with Sparkplug, Ms. Just served as a Client Services Representative and Event Coordinator at Del Frisco’s helping them realize annual revenues of$20 million. Ms. Just’s next venture was with the iconic McFadden’s Restaurant, owned and operated by East Coast Saloons. As marketing director, Janine helped grow the company’s revenues to more than$66 million among its 19 nationwide venues. It’s the combination of the aforementioned success coupled with her fondness of the entrepreneurial integrity of New York City that served as the catalyst to launch The Avid Group NYC.

  • Bonnie Halper
    GITnyc Lead

    Bonnie fled a successful career as an award-winning copywriter and entertainment executive in 1994 to co-found the IMAGIC Awards Festival (affectionately pronounced ‘i’m-a-geek’),which was the technology industry’s first interactive awards festival. She is currently an executive recruiter specializing in online and technology – and was one of the first in New York. She also recently launched a new company,, an executive resource for emerging companies.

  • Kristy Oshita
    Video Lead

    Kristy OshitaOwner, BumbleBee Tennis

  • Mari Mori
    Video Lead

    Mari MoriMari is an Actor

  • Melissa Thomas

    Melissa ThomasMelissa is a Freelance Art Director at Scientific American.

  • Sarah Blecher
    Marketing Advisor

    Sarah BlecherSarah is seasoned in all aspects of online marketing and web site development. Direct experience managing a department of producers, designers and developers and leading those teams through the development process for high profile and large scale marketing, publishing, e-commerce and community initiatives. Interested in setting the strategy for compelling user experiences and cultivating new interactive producer talent. More…

  • Vicki S Kim

    Vicki is a Marketing Assistant at PartnerCom/ Women Corporate Directors.

  • Charlene Jaszewski

    Charlene JaszewskiCharlene is a freelance content strategist,writer and editor. Her ferocious appetite for information from a young age has spurred her to be a self-taught Internet professional she is today. Her fountain of information has made her a great go-to person for any information,be it consequential or trivial.She is also the owner and Marshmallow Maven at Fluff Marshmallows.

  • Vicky Ayala

    Vicky AyalaVicky is a multi-talented individual wearing many hats including internet entrepreneur, writer and film-maker. She is currently in a marketing role at, and her previous experience in integrated marketing includes web-design and integrated marketing strategy. With a background in entertainment production, Vicky also has vast experience in producing live events and event marketing.

  • Lauren Gilchrist

    Lauren GilchristLauren is passionate about the entrepreneurial community and helping small companies maximize on solutions. Her pragmatic and organized approach to problem solving helps companies drill down to the heart of their issues quickly and painlessly. This is evident with her current position as a Manager of Operations for Urgent Career. As with all of our volunteers,Lauren’s passion is infectious and we are happy to have her onboard!

  • Tiffany Wollin

    Tiffany WolliTiffany is the Director of Talent Management at National Dental Advisors.

  • Tiffany Winbush

    Tiffany  WinbushTiffany is a Public Relations & Social Media Professional.

  • Melek Pulatkonak
    Entrepreneurship Series Lead

    Melek PulatkonakMelek Pulatkonak is the President & COO of Hakia, a semantic search technology company. Since 2004, Melek has been dedicated to semantic search and can’t wait to see how its successful implementation will change our lives. Most recently, she was the Associate Partner of Star Venture Group (SVG), a VC firm with investments in the U.S. and Turkey. Prior to her work at SVG, she was the Advisor to the Chairman of the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Prior to that, she was a Research Associate at the New York Stock Exchange where some of her academic work was published. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a B.Sc. degree from London School of Economics and Political Science. In her play time, Melek co-organizes TEDxEast and TEDxGotham, leads the International Committee at the Columbia Business School Alumni Club and is building the Turkish Women’ International Network. More…

  • Amy Vernon
    Media Lead

    Amy VernonAmy spent nearly 20 years as a daily newspaper reporter and editor before the Great Newspaper Culling of 2008 (not to be confused with the GNC of 2007 or 2009). Now, she is a freelance writer, editor and strategist. She is the highest-ranked female user of all time on (and so has seen more photos of Megan Fox and videos of people face-planting than the average person). She’s also a mommy to two rambunctious boys and wife to a rambunctious husband, all of whom are slightly bemused by the amount of time she spends in front of the small screen. A sci-fi addict, Amy also has her own TV blog and runs the first and only bacon news aggregator, More…

  • Christine Lemke
    Entrepreneurship Series Lead

    Christine LemkeChristine is COO and Co-Founder of Sense Networks. Most recently, at Microsoft, she was the XBOX World Wide Program Manager in charge of development programs encompassing four global regions and twenty markets. Prior to her work at Microsoft, Lemke was the President and co-founder of Channel Velocity and currently serves as an advisor. Prior to that, Lemke was the first employee and Director of Product Management at Returns Online, Inc., a venture-backed reverse-logistics technology firm. In addition, Lemke has held roles at 3i Group, Paris, where she analyzed the Internet, Software, and Advanced Technologies markets, and at SAP AG, Germany, on the Global Execution Acceleration Team. Lemke holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of Washington. More…

  • Jalak Jobanputra
    Entrepreneurship Series Lead

    Jalak Jobanputra
    Jalak is Senior Vice President at the New York City Investment Fund and manages the Fund’s investments in the information technology, media and cleantech sectors. Prior to joining the Fund, Jalak was a Principal at New Venture Partners, a $300M early stage venture fund where she was a director of Procelerate Technologies and Real Time Content. Previously, Ms. Jobanputra worked at Intel Capital where she led and managed strategic investments in software, digital media and services companies. More…

  • Caroline Taillandier
    Media / Government and Community Lead

    Caroline is currently working for Microsoft on special projects. A former senior forensic intelligence analyst, she has a strong interest and experience in psychological profiling, behavioral motivations, and forensic research. Caroline decided to move to NYC from Israel, and combine her experience, research and problem solving skills, and passion for networking to switch to technology. She is especially interested in Web 2.0 tools, social media, cloud, and motion sensing technology. More…

  • Lynne D Johnson
    GITnyc Lead

    Lynne D Johnson
    Lynne is SVP, Social Media for the Advertising Research Foundation, where she is responsible for content, brand and social media development and strategy, as well as developing plans for fully integrating social media into consumer insights and market research. Formerly, she was Senior Editor & Community Director for where she oversaw both content and community functionality, and built the foundation for the magazine’s expert bloggers’ network. Prior to Fast Company, Lynne served as General Manager, New Media for VIBE and SPIN. Lynne is an advisor for and Interactive One, and is a co-founder of the The New York Android Software Developers Meetup. She holds a BA in Journalism, an advanced certificate in multicultural studies, and an MBA in Media Management. More…

  • Kayla Zerby
    Blog Team Lead

    Kayla Zerby
    Kayla is a digitally-active and technically-savvy public relations professional with a proven track record in helping clients secure and leverage earned media to reach key audiences. More…

  • Jackie They
    Twitter, Video Lead, Video Branding and Distribution, Web

    Jackie TheyJackie has more than 10 years of advertising agency experience producing TV commercial of global and regional scale. She has just moved to NYC and has since embarked on her journey of discovery in the digital marketing world. With her newly acquired digital knowledge combined with her great organization and problem solving skills, she is looking forward to finding her niche in the exciting integrated advertising space. More…

  • Vanessa Hurst
    Tech To Educate

    Vanessa HurstVanessa is a Database Engineer at Capital IQ. More…

  • Asli Bilgin

    Asli is a .NET Developer Evangelist on the Microsoft National Architecture Team. In this capacity, she advises clients on the latest advancements and best practices with Microsoft technologies. Prior to joining Microsoft, Asli was employed as a senior software architect at Delland at Xerox. Asli is a recognized presenter at conferences across the globe and she serves as contributing and author to various technical publications. Her latest book is Mastering Database Programming With Visual Basic.NET (Sybex).

  • Lubna Dajani

    Lubna DajaniLubna is the Executive Advisor at Booz & Co., a Mentor at NYC Seed, a Co-Founder of Mobile Mondays, as well as a visiting board member at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Lubna is also the founder of Stratemerge. In the past she held various marketing and digital strategy positions for prominent mobile companies.

  • Aliza Pearlson
    Video Lead

    Aliza PearlsonAliza is an Account Executive at Lightserve Corporation.

  • Lauren Klein
    Blogging Team

  • Elizabeth Fuller
    GITnyc Lead

    Elizabeth FullerElizabeth has a background in web-design and development. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree with the end goal of developing commercially viable pieces of wearable technology.

  • Rachel Sigley
    Marketing and Events

    Rachel SigleyRachel is a Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager; Tradeshow Coordinator.

  • Ilana Donna
    Lifestyle Lead

    Ilana DonnaMore…

  • Megan O’Donnell

    Megan O’DonnellMegan is the Director Technical Consulting Services and Consultant for Dexis Consulting Group. In the past, she held a Strategist position at Rockwell Group and a Manager position at Chemonics International. Megan holds a BA and Masters in Economics from Stanford University.

  • Alexis Stack
    Advisor, GITnyc

    Alexis StackAlexis is a digital strategist with 10 years of integrated marketing experience. As a consultant, Alexis focuses her energies helping lifestyle brands achieve the growth and reach they seek. Working for advertising agencies in New York City, Alexis has developed her keen sense of trend forecasting and a passion for innovation and emerging technologies. This led her to create Diary of a Labellover, a site dedicated to her passion for fashion and a forum for which she can evangelize brands and help position their viability in the marketplace.

  • Rebecca Goldstein

    Rebecca is a community leader and visionary. She studied under marketing guru and author, Seth Godin. Her consultancy, the 150 Project, which helps companies understand how to communicate and ultimately monetize their business through online communities. Rebecca’s poise and knowledge have been a tremendous asset. She has tirelessly worked to build the Ning community for our chapter.

  • Jenny Bai
    China MD and GITnyc contributor

    Jenny BaiOriginally hailing from Shanghai, Jenny is Founder of The Red Connect, a company that focuses on disrupting the traditional definition of cross-border relations, via social initiatives and campaigns between the U.S. and China. She also leads social marketing for Romio in NYC. Jenny holds a BA in Communications and Philosophy from Vanderbilt University, and her background lies in branding, design and corporate management training. A serial entrepreneur and geek at heart, she is extremely passionate about finding innovative ways to connect people, especially in the areas of Web 2.0 and international relations.

  • Irene Grinevich


  • Helen (Lena) Maros

    Helen (Lena) Maros


  • Owen Brunette
    Managing Partner at SwarmPoint LLC

    Owen BrunetteOwen has been a Management Consultant since 2002 helping businesses with significant technology investments, multiple locations and complex governance models cope with drastic change. Owen is also a former VP at Morgan Stanley, Chief Business Architect at Wipro. and founder and co-founder of SwarmPoint and KeyWiFi. He is interested in business opportunities with an offshore delivery model, complex project deliveries and business workflows or breaking new ground commercially. More…

  • Oz Sultan
    Executive Advisor @ Perks Consulting

    Oz is Strategic Marketing and Technology Consultant helping companies bridge the gap between marketing and technology to envision and implement Social Media, Mobile, E-commerce and Augmented Reality projects. More…

  • Brett Petersel
    Business Development & Events at Mashable

    Brett Petersel

  • Hans Zaunere
    Managing Member, New York PHP

    Hans ZaunereHans founded New York PHP in 2001, a leader of open source communities and business solutions. More…

Event Assistants and Coordinators