The GITnyc board may be contacted at nyc@girlsintech.net or by filling out the volunteer form. It oversees chapter strategy as well as a large network of speakers and advisers. Volunteers and board members are highly independent workers and high-level thinkers. Essential skills include: teamwork, teambuilding skills to form and manage groups, and intuitive and speedy decision making abilities. A passion for community, entrepreneurship, innovation, and curiosity is suggested. GITnyc roles are open and we love to give our contributors flexibility and creative freedom. Volunteers work with or are initially aided by thought leads, advisers, general managers and directors, however, those positions are also available.

We are seeking volunteers who can donate a minimum of 5 hours of time a week. The following skill-sets are desired:

Marketing and Events:
Social Media: This person lives and breathes the social media ecosystem and understands how to use it as a business development tool. They will learn to work with analytics and technology to speak at a high level about women’s issues or GITnyc events. They will use social media to communicate and build out the GIT community on key social platforms. They will be the liaison for Ruby Media Group to receive guidance on the fundamentals of a social media strategy and buildout.

Marketing (PR): This person understands strategy and is familiar with industry trends. They will help organize and build a team which uses communication platforms to converse with our members. They will participate in marketing our events as well and adhere to a schedule and sponsor requires. They must be outgoing, comfortable with deadlines, and delegation.

Writing and Content Creation: This person writes well, understands tone and overall messaging strategy and communicates with GITnyc leaders. They understand simplicity online as well as text versus design elements on web pages. They may blog, write landing page copy, compose event copy on multiple websites, or copyedit.

Events and Logistics: Create and learn from successful event models, engage in pre-event prep, interface with managers, and contribute in-person at events. Can evolve into larger role depending on capability.

Managerial Positions:

Partnerships: This person is highly intelligent and must consider community needs and interests first. They must be able to absorb information quickly and must be polite. Good writing and ”people skills” are helpful.

Event Leads: This person manages or acts as an event lead, making sure all parties, partners, and participators in an event are organized according to its theme. They are held accountable for and make sure that the larger creative goals for the event are accomplished. They must be responsible and be able to delegate immediately if they fall behind schedule. They will work with other managers to throw the actual event.

Volunteer Outreach: This person is a good judge of character, is pleasant to speak with, has a deep understanding of organizational structure and loves to teach and/or illustrate.

Board Management: This person helps to manage board members and must be comfortable speaking succinctly and at an executive level. A high level of professionalism and attention to schedules is required.

Scheduling: This person is able to place events in our calendar and must understand and absorb information about our partner events as well as internal organization meetings.

Business Development: Innovative, business-focused, familiar with revenue and sales models. Works closely with MD and partner when implementing ideas or presenting one’s own.

New Technology Skills:

Blogger and V-Logger: There is a great need for regular bloggers and vloggers who will not only contribute original content but also recruit guest writers and vloggers.

Technologists: Computer programmers with expert knowledge of HTML, and CSS. Creative, free form thinkers who are open to new template design and database management is strongly preferred..

Design: Strong familiarity with Photoshop and the Adobe suite of design software products. We prefer someone with a modern and sophisticated design sensibility. Please submit your website and at least 2 samples of work in order to be considered.


Special Projects Manager: (e.g. Girls in Tech University local representatives): Work with the chapter MDs to implement and/or national directors to implement national or local programs, business development or events.

Speaker Adviser: Advise on speaker anchors (speakers that anchor a panel or event), moderators, keynotes, special installments, any requirements and goals.

Finance, Legal, Accounting Advisor: Specialty role with opportunity for ongoing and project specific work. Also can lead to special interest positions.